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Off-leash Adventures

For our hardier beasts (size is not a factor !) it's off to the bush for the real partying. Every day (rain, snow or shine) includes a minimum of 2 hours on our legendary off-leash adventures Our kids have the time of their lives racing down forest trails and splashing in creeks. Big or little, young or old, there's nothing more natural for a dog than racing around in the unlimited space of the wild with the gang. When they come back, covered in mud and looking way too pleased with themselves, they're rinsed off in our dog n' suds u-wash – VOILA! – a much cleaner and happier pup! Dog Daycare 

Indoor Shenanigans

For the more boisterous, it's a noisy game of tug tire, chasing around the zoo after balls or having a rowdy wrestling match with a pal. With over 6500 square feet of indoor and outdoor space, there's more than enough room to get good speed on a game of "chase me"! And let's not forget about the box ripping and Stuffy Sacrifices (a favorite with all our furry friends!!). All day access to our huge outdoor space for chasing balls, pool parties and dozing in the sun. And to top it off – a leashed romp in Rocky Point Park with their pals. Perfect way to spend the day!

Over Night Boarding

We are proud to offer over night boarding! We offer kennel free boarding because your pooch actually comes home with our select senior staff and spends the night in the warmth and comfort of our own homes. A screening is mandatory for all dogs before boarding to make sure that there are no behavioral issues and that the dog will be okay in a daycare setting with other dogs.

Questions? Please call us so that we can help you and elaborate on any information you may need! Dog Boarding

Bath and Tidy

We have proudly added Bath and Tidy to our repertoire!  Our certified trained and professional staff is here to take care of the messy side of owning a dog. For a list of our services and pricing please check out the "Grooming" tab! Dog Grooming

Pee-Wee Zone

Designed exclusively for our smaller or more reserved munchkins who prefer to romp with pals in their very own party space!
The PeeWee Agility Zone is complete with ramps, stairs, a slide and a custom-built fort. This area is more than a great place to play – it also quickly helps to build the confidence and trust levels of puppies and shyer “kids”. With the help of our staff, new dogs are introduced to new obstacles with support and guidance that has them bouncing and laughing with tails high in no time! When they've worn themselves out in the “Zone” it’s time to head to the lounge full of comfy beds to catch a few zzzzzzzzzzz’s, before starting the fun all over again!

The Lounge

After a hard days adventure and play, you need to rest to keep up your strength. How else could we play all day without our mid-day nap? This is what the lounge is specifically designed for so that our pups are able to rest when needed and not overexert themselves. Also a great place for our elderly and seasoned dogs to kick back, relax and enjoy the view (and let the rest of the dogs do all the hard playing!)

Dog 'N Suds U-Wash

The only thing you need to bring is your furry friend, that's it! Come on in and see our beautiful custom-built facilities guaranteed to stop you from ever bathing your dog at home again! AND WE CLEAN THE MESS!! Towels, top of the line shampoos/conditioners, brushes, dryers, water-proof aprons and cookies provided!